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About FMC

Who We Are

We are a people who worship passionately, love extravagantly, and witness boldly.

We are committed to discovering new and meaningful ways of ministering to an ever-changing culture with the never-changing "good news" and love of Jesus Christ.


Ours is a community rich in tradition and faith.  Over 150 years of providing a place where God's presence can be known and experienced; a place where thousands of lives have been impacted by the love of Jesus Christ; a place where people have found meaningful ways to live in the rich life that Jesus offers; and a place that strives to remain faithful to our Christian heritage in a contemporary manner.

We strive to look for opportunities to encourage and to be encouraged in our faith journey.  We do this through worship, Bible studies, fellowship gatherings, and community outreach opportunities.

First Methodist Church, Marshall...

is located 300 E. Houston Street, in the heart of downtown Marshall.

holds both traditional Sunday worship in our historic sanctuary and contemporary worship in the Christian Life Center.


engages children and youth at every level of their development.


welcomes all visitors.


builds community across generations.


offers a variety of Sunday School classes and study groups for a range of interests and life stages.

provides many ways to belong and to be of service to others.

is rooted in tradition, but forward-thinking and outward-focused.

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